African Voice In Moston

                                                            Our services

  • Business Start-up advice and Support.

  • Meditation classes and Group talks.

  • Benefit Calculations and Claims form filling.

  • Advocacy & Counseling.

  • General form filling service.

  • Support for individuals / family fleeing domestic violence and abuse.

  • Support for integration and settlement within the Community.

  • Outreach and Communication improvement.

  • General advice and immigration referral.

  • Support for isolated individuals and family in Distress.

  • Cultural understanding, Chastisement Training and Beliefs.

  • Promote Healthy Life style and well-being.

  • Food Bank Assistance and emergency food parcel delivery

  • CV writing and Employment Support

  • Promoting the advantage of volunteering and training

  • Promote better Networking and Working partnership with other community organization

  • Feel Good well-being project for those with long-term illness, isolation and struggling individual

Our services are run on an appointment base, by trained and friendly volunteers. we will continue to celebrate and welcome any individual willing to be part of our fun loving group through volunteering.